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August 9, 2010


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Christopher Gregorio, small-time Flash game developer, has revealed the secret to achieving a profitable working relationship with artists: Take advantage of them and rip them off. He openly admits to trawling deviantART in search of naive artists who are unaware of the value of their work.

He's the producer of the following games which appear on a number of games sites:
  • Penguin Massacre
  • Medieval Rampage
  • Medieval Rampage 2
  • Gravity Mouse
  • Between the Lines
  • Road Rage
  • Cell Warfare
  • Mech Slayer
  • Blob Survival
  • Icy Evade
  • Smiley Collapse

Just in case he decides to pull the entry, here are relevant quotes:

How to find an artist:

I recommend looking through art sites such as Deviantart for an artist which suits your taste, or any other site that has a decent art community such as Newgrounds. . . . First of all, they’re cheaper. These guys aren’t used to making a lot of money for their work so they will be more appreciative of the chance even if they are being payed slightly less than what professionals are payed. Second of all, they’re better. . . . Unless you have a specific price you want to pay in mind, ask THEM what they are willing to charge for the project. This usually causes people to give offers that are lower than what you normally pay, and will make them happy.

How NOT to find an artist:

Do not look for either professional artists, or an artist that has done a lot of game design work in the past . . . they’re usually expensive . . . they know how much flash games can earn so they expect a decent percentage of the profit. It’s ridiculous to pay something 50% of a sponsorship when you can find someone else who would accept $500 for the same job.

Artist payment:

Keep them in the dark:

This relates back to what I talked about earlier. If an artist knows how much their artwork will increase the value of the game they will then feel they deserve that amount of money. This is not how a market economy works, you hire whoever is able to do the best job for the lowest amount of money, anything else is a loss of money on your end.


Give strict dates about when you need the art done (even if you don’t) and give consequences by deduction in pay if the art is not completed by the date. Unless the person you’ve hired happens to be very punctual, you will need strong motivation to make sure they finish the art in a timely manner. Try to only hire people ages 18+ (I may sound a little hypocritical here), kids are generally less reliable and have more IRL things come up that they can’t control.

I strongly advise all dA artists to treat any proposition from Christopher Gregorio / Kaitol Flash Development with extreme caution.

Many thanks to Naamah_darling on LJ for the tip-off.
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StephaneNoel Featured By Owner May 4, 2014
Well... I would like to point out that it shows. The games are not that good looking and probably took more time to make than they could have. The best is to find yourself the perfect partner and stick with him or her. When you get a real trustworthy, talented and professional partner everything gets easier and the sky is the limit in terms of quality and value. This is where the miracles happen and bigger projects emerge. Without it you get low grade games and a bad reputation like for this guy.

I would like to point out that the problem can be on the side of artists as well since some of em tend to ask too much out of greed or pride and deliver bad service in return. Sometime great intelligence make someone stupid and unable to see the big picture, those people should really stop over thinking things like robots and see the importance of a proper collaboration.  F#$%ing money!

Oh well... It felt good! :P
Phuein Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
So, this guy bothers to find good artists that are willing to work for affordable wages, and then gives them a chance at making art for professional products without any risk? Sounds like a good guy. :-)

If an artist gets this sort of opportunity, then seeing the game's success, they can then start demanding proper prices, or find a professional team to join.

Without entrepreneurs, such as Christopher Gregorio, and I'm basing myself entirely on this article here, the freelance and independent online market would crumble. Be warned.
EpsilonXIII Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2013  Student Digital Artist
isn't that just capitalism?

Masane Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg what a douche!!
Versonas Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2012
You're all a bunch of idiots for calling this "ripping off". This here is an example of good capitalism. If you're too green or too dumb to realise your own value, then you NEED to be ripped off once or twice. It gives you experience and teaches you... if you let it.

Then again, I wouldn't expect you bleeding hearts to pay any mind to this.
Pineapples231 Featured By Owner May 8, 2013
I have to agree with the above comment. He paid money for commissions. Simple, he is unlike an art thief which steals direct art and profits from it, but instead HE PAID the amount the artist offered him for his own good.
Masane Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Um just hell no.....It is ripping off re-read the article again dumb ass
Versonas Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013
A spineless libtard like yourself would call it ripping off and that is exactly my point. This is why our world is in such poor shape these days. Idiots like you scramble to blame anyone they can when something bad happens to them. Anyone except themselves. Because of this endless blame-game, nobody is willing to be responsible, own up to their own mistakes and learn from the experience.

Grow a spine and maybe some thicker skin and you might not get your poor little porcelain heart broken so easy.
Masane Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow you really are a small minded rude asshat. I am no bastard ty. I my heart is not porcelain it's made of steel due to guys such as yourself. You know nothing about how others rip people off every day to non-professional and professional alike. Go back to school cause you sorely need it. People like that guy will get his. Karma is a bitch. People do not deserve to be ripped off. Maybe you do that to others judging by the way you are dissing artist you should not be on DA at all. GTFO ------>>>>>>
Versonas Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2013
Small minded fool, you understand nothing of the way the real world works. It is a cruel, corrupt and nasty place. If you are so moved by the plight of these peons, then your heart is indeed porcelain. I have seen how this world works and I am done with this conversation. If you cannot understand wisdom then you are not worth my valuable time.
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