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Ne Quaesieris, Non Dico Ch18 - Why
The worst of it is that he doesn’t hate Fenris at all, he reflects the next morning - or at least, he presumes it’s morning. It could be the middle of the night, for all they know. He’s lost all sense of time; he has no idea even of the date any more.
No, he doesn’t hate Fenris, and that’s what makes all of this all the more painful. He’d dreamed of hearing an endearment from Fenris’ lips; maybe if those slavers hadn’t picked right then to interrupt, he might have heard one before it all went to the Void.
Would it have changed what happened after? He suspects not.
He knows he was being unfair. The elf did apologise - not once, but twice, in the space of only a few minutes; and what did Anders do?
He sighs to himself, aware of Hawke’s sudden keen glance as she turns her head to stare at him; but he can’t bring himself to even begin to attempt to explain any of the confused and unhappy thoughts running throu
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Ne Quaesieris, Non Dico Ch17 - Amatus
Fenris feels light-headed from blood loss, a dull ache running through him like a dim memory of the agony that punched through him before. He could blame his slip of the tongue upon that, perhaps - except he doesn’t want to excuse it for anything other than what it is - the truth. He still loves Anders.
But as the mage remains silent, he finds himself struck by doubt. Perhaps he has been wrong. Perhaps whatever fleeting feelings Anders may once have had for him truly have been extinguished - killed off by his attack upon the man, destroyed by his own rage.
He has erred. Anders’ silence is answer enough.
“Maker’s balls, elf, I was sure you and Blondie were both dead for sure!” exclaims Varric as he and Hawke crouch down either side of him; Hawke reaches behind him to touch Anders’ shoulder.
“Anders? Maker - he’s out cold!” exclaims Hawke. And just like that, all Fenris’ doubts are replaced with concern and worry for the
:iconarkadyrose:ArkadyRose 0 1
Ne Quaesieris, Non Dico Ch16 - Profanity
Anders draws a ragged breath and tries to focus on the feel of the cold stone step beneath him, Hawke’s comforting hand rubbing small circles against his back, the slight scuff of the elf’s foot on the cracked stone floor as he shifts restlessly - anything other than the thought of the miles of rock over head or the heavy metal door that shuts them in, trapping them as prisoners here in this dark, airless place.
No - not dark. This isn’t like his long, lonely months of solitary in that tiny stone cell; it’s better lit, for a start, and he can stand up and walk around. The company is better, too - instead of the visits of an indifferent cat and rather less indifferent templars, he has friends here; Hawke, Varric, Fenris -
He gets to his feet and draws a deeper breath, willing away confused thoughts about the elf along with the wave of panic that has threatened to overwhelm him since the door shut.
“Anders?” says Hawke softly.
“I’m alright,
:iconarkadyrose:ArkadyRose 1 1
Ne Quaesieris, Non Dico Ch15 - The Lyrium Idol
Anders can’t fathom the elf. First he tries to kill Anders when he finally finds out what he truly is (and Maker, but Isabela had been right about that - she’d tried to warn him, but he’d never had the chance to explain to Fenris and maybe, just maybe, if those slavers hadn’t burst in at just that precise moment everything could have been so different - no, don’t think about that, it doesn’t matter now anyway and Maker, but he’s so tired of hurting over that even now, months on), and then he’s snapping and arguing with Anders at every turn, baiting him every chance he gets - and every time Anders awakens screaming from a nightmare the elf stares at him. Silently gloating at my weakness, Anders thinks, and hates the bitter taste the thought leaves in his mouth and the way his stomach twists.
But he can’t quite work out what it was in the look on the elf’s face when he’d turned away from
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Ne Quaesieris, Non Dico Ch14 - The Dragon
He’s almost beginning to get used to fighting darkspawn now. Almost. There’s still the first moment of almost-pants-wetting terror whenever they run into yet another group of the foul creatures; he dreads every time that he’s going to find himself facing down another emissary, but they’ve only run into the one thus far. But he’s holding his own, and not doing so badly.
The dragon though - now that, he wasn’t expecting. On first sight of the huge red beast launching itself into the air, he freezes.
It’s one thing to read a description of a dragon and idly try to imagine the size; quite another to see it, hear it; to feel the wind from its wings buffet him, whipping his hair loose from his hair tie and swirl dust into his eyes as it roars, to feel the heat of -
Maker, the heat of its fiery breath that is coming straight for him oh shitohshitohshitohshit -
“Move, mage!” growls a voice and then Fenris’ arm is about h
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Unfortunately this fic is very badly brought down by the obvious fact the writer is not British and has not had this story checked over...

by iE-ma

A very effective shot, combining a natural backlighting effect from the window behind with a soft chiaroscuro effect. A light smatterin...

by iE-ma

I feel the main issue with this picture is how you've framed the eye within the picture; the image doesn't follow the rule of thirds. T...


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Arkady Rose Gerard
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United Kingdom
Professional artist working in both traditional and digital media, craftsman, doll customiser/costumer, jeweller, bookbinder.


SIZE: I generally work on a minimum canvas size of 4Kx4K at 300dpi - however this is open to negotiation depending on whether you want a high print-quality image or something for web work.

TIMESCALE: This depends on what you're after; simple sketches on a blank or parchment-textured background I can do on a 1-2 day turnaround; simple painting of a bust will take 2-3 days. Full-length character portraits will take longer depending on how complicated the outfit is. Full-length portrait with full painted background could easily take me up to a couple of weeks to do. It also depends on how busy I am. I will discuss and agree a timescale with you before any money changes hands.

SUBJECT MATERIAL: This is pretty much up to you with very few exceptions. I'm pretty versatile and can do pretty much almost any subject material; please browse my gallery for samples of my work. Animals are my real forte, but I also enjoy painting portraits. If you're not sure whether I can do justice to a particular subject, please ask!

* Simple sketch, blank or parchment background £30
* Simple portrait - head & shoulders/bust, blank/parchment background £50
* Full-length character portrait, minimal background £65
* Full painting with detailed background £80
* Pet portraits - blank/parchment background, fully-coloured, digitally painted, 300dpi suitable for printing £45
* Logos etc - POA, generally £15-£30 depending on complexity and size required.
* Tattoo designs - POA

PAYMENT: In the UK: Either Bank Transfer to my account or Paypal. Outside UK: Paypal only please. I require a 50% non-refundable down-payment upon agreement of the commission, the remainder to be paid upon completion of the commission. All pictures will be released with a Creative Commons license unless otherwise specified & negotiated. I reseve the right to display a copy of the work as part of my deviantART portfolio.

If you would like to commission me, please send me a Note or email me at arkadyDOTroseATgmailDOTcom with the subject heading of "Commission:DA".


Tree of Life
Original reference was a dead oak that stands by Hollow Ponds - on the southernmost edge of Epping Forest, London, UK. Seemed fitting to give it new life in a knotwork design.

Available on Redbubble and Spreadshirt.

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A celtic knotwork design for St Patrick's Day.

Available on t-shirts, bags, stationery, prints and more at Redbubble and Spreadshirt.

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New WIP - DA2 skating AU
Anders and Fenris as rival ice skaters in a DA2 skating AU.
I may have been watching too much Yuri on Ice.... ;-)
Celtic Knotwork Candle
I was trying to figure out how to do a candle shape in Celtic knotwork but decided it works better if the candle is the void in the middle of the knotwork.

This design is available on cards from my Redbubble shop. Click here!


Simple sketches
Generally 2-3 hours' work. Simple illustration sketches - animals, children's story illustrations etc. Supplied as PNG at 72dpi, suitable for online display. Sample:
Custom art piece (portraits, Celtic knotwork)
Generally minimum 6-8 hours' work upwards. Knotwork animal or creature of your specifications in a celtic knotwork design, supplied as PNGs both against a transparent background and coloured, minimum 300dpi, suitable for printing. Sample:
Portraits: Supplied as full-colour digitally painted PNG, 300dpi, at a size suitable for printing. Samples:,,,
Logo design
Generally 2-3 hours' work, PNG file supplied on both transparent background and on sample coloured background, minimum 300dpi suitable for printing, t-shirts etc. e.g.


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On Spreadshirt, Get 20% off anything with a hood when you use code  HOODIEYAY at checkout. Offer valid until 20th March. 

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